Sometimes you have to fix your car to replace a lightbulb

My attention span is often a lot like this

Logic is the process of placing thoughts in order. There are many ways to see logic in action.

The one who stacks their desk with papers vs. The one who files their completed work.

The one who tackles tasks at random vs. The one who executes a step by step plan.

The one who speaks in word salads vs. The one who speaks with clarity, flow, and purpose.

The irony of our human condition is that humans are NOT logical creatures by default. People largely make their choices on emotion, not logic.

This does not mean that logic is impossible. It does mean that being logical requires intentional choices that will sometimes go against the grain of your natural inclinations.

That sounds like a lot of work. What’s the payoff anyway? What value will I get out of studying logic?

There’s loads of benefits, but I’ll start with three.

  1. Logic is a foundational discipline. Every craft and trade, from pottery to programming, uses logic extensively.

  2. Logic protects you from being misled. Logic cuts through cons, scams, and lies.

  3. Logic enables new levels of discovery and learning. You will see what others cannot, and gain new levels of confidence.

When you learn how to properly put your thoughts in order, you’ll more likely foresee consequences.

Of course, if you’d rather do what comes naturally, like this chimp, don’t let me stop you.


On the other, less smelly hand, maybe you’re ready to learn a higher way than what comes natural.

A byproduct of studying logic is that you might sometimes look back in hindsight at past mistakes, and facepalm. You’ll start to recognize and regret those times where you thought you were DESTROYING YOUR ENEMIES WITH LOGIC when really you were just the pigeon all along.

Self-discovery is inevitable when you grow your thinking.

Let it run its course.

Don’t panic.

We’ve all screwed up from time to time.

Learn from it.

Move on.

You will come out better, but you will not be the same.

And that’s a good thing.

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