Stay determined


If you never give up, you’ll eventually have a good time.

Have you ever looked at a task or project, and felt intimidated?

Sometimes I have reached the point where I would swear under my breath,

“That’s impossible!”

But yet there are other people whom I know have been able to do it.

I’m a big fan of challenging story-driven games like Celeste and Undertale.

I have said these exact words at many points in the story of these games, and yet I somehow have surpassed and overcome.

It’s fascinating to compare with other folks who have also completed the journey.

Some people need 10 tries.

Some people need 50 tries.

Some people need 100 tries.

Some people need 1000 tries.

Which one describes you?

It doesn’t matter.

Stay determined! If you don’t give up, you can’t lose for good.

One day, you will succeed.

Whether 10 tries, or 1000 tries, what matters most is that you reach the finish line!

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