Discover To Win

Maybe I’m just weird.

Most salespeople tell me their favorite part of the sales process is closing deals. True, it’s a big moment with a big high, but it’s also where you say goodbye.

I get the most personal fulfillment from discovery. I love to listen to my clients talk about their problems at length. I learn so much about their business, how it works, and the obstacles that are making them lose sleep at night.

And I feel for them.

The big moment comes at the end of that conversation. By then, my client has vented to emotional exhaustion. And all throughout, I’ve taken note of each puzzle piece.

I do one last check to confirm my understanding…

“It sounds like ‘A’ is causing a lot of trouble for your team. And also, ‘B’ is significantly hurting your [metric] by as much as X%. You’re probably losing at least X dollars a month until this gets fixed – would you say that’s accurate?”

…and then I lay the cards on the table.

“If we could fix ‘A’ with [this one part of our service], and mitigate ‘B’ with [this other part of our service], would that make our solution welcome with your team?”

Not only do next steps become obvious, it feels like I’ve made a friend. That’s why discovery is my favorite part of sales.

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