7 Steps To Bust Ghosting

Bust the ghosting

Do you get ghosted by top-level decision-makers frequently?

C-Suite folks aren’t much different from anyone else except their stakes are higher. Just like you and me, they have hopes, fears, goals, distractions, priorities, duties, and limited bandwidth.

It is naturally human to tune out noise. If you are being intentionally ghosted, it could be because they think you are noise.

Stop being noise. Make a list of how you would want to be approached if you were a C-Suite yourself.

Here’s my top 7.

  1. Research beforehand. Anticipate my objections by 3 layers.
  2. Frontload relevant value to catch my attention.
  3. No fluff. Get right to the point with confidence.
  4. Challenge my bad ideas with thoughtful insight.
  5. Be clear on known shortcomings of your pitch.
  6. Keep your pitch focused on my mission.
  7. Make your recommendation the obvious choice.

Put these 7 components into thoughtful practice, and you’ll never worry about being intentionally ghosted.

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