The Challenge

I’d like to offer you a challenge.


Double your income in the next 5 years.

Does that sound impossible? You’d be surprised what you can accomplish when you set a goal for yourself.

In order to make it happen, you should upgrade your career with a promotion or a job change every 2-4 years. Does that sound unreachable, perhaps unnerving? I’ve done it three times already in my own personal job jaunt. Not only can it be done, I testify that you leave much on the table of life if you don’t do likewise.

Here’s why.

  1. Most employers of this generation do not offer a generous pension coupled to a clear career path. Instead, they’ve gone the route of the 401k, which you can take with you when you leave. So there is no financial incentive to root you in to your current role.
  2. Even just making a lateral career move can net you an income gain of as much as +15% compared to staying at your current employer. So there is negative financial incentive to root you in to your current role.
  3. If you don’t keep moving, it is easy to become entangled in distractions such as foolish company politics. Such distractions waste your emotions, rooting you to your job instead of your life’s work. If you’re going to be rooted to anything, be rooted to what you live for.
  4. When you upgrade your career, you will likely meet new people, make new connections, and develop new friends. Just be sure to make the extra effort to stay connected to the old ones you plan to keep. In this way, you will expand what you live for, enriching your life in ways you’d otherwise never know.
  5. You will experience new learnings that will further enrich your own heart and mind, making you more uniquely valuable in the job market long term. You will be able to command a higher price and greater respect.

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