Enter Stage Right

Hello World…

I am not a recruiter. But I know the world of recruitment. I am not a job seeker. But I know the world of job seeking.

I am your friend who walks on the fence. My home lies betwixt two planes of existence. I am your secret channel to the whispers on the other side.

I am a talent cat.

Every day, I listen to HR professionals talk about their hiring woes, and advise them on the best path forward. As I have these conversations, I remember when I began to carve out my own career. The journey from minimum wage to prosperity is by no means simple nor easy.

Where are you on that journey?

Wherever you are, whatever your skills, no matter your gifts or lack thereof, know this.

You can do it.

So what does this mean for our relationship as I tap these words?

It means our success is mutual.

We are all together on a big rock hurtling ~67,000/mph (~107,000 km/h for you metric folks) through space and time.

We have to share this rock. Let’s work together to make the journey better for all.


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